Tinned Fish, Meat, Pasta, Veg & Fruit

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Tinned Fish

Anchovies in Olive OilCockles - ParsonsLumpfish Black Caviar
Pilchards - GlenrykRed Salmon - PrincesSardinas - Pay Pay
Sardines In Tomato Sauce - PrincesSardines with Oil - PrincesTuna Chunks In Brine - Princes
Tuna Chunks in S/Flower Oil - PrincesTuna Chunks in Spring Water - Princes

Tinned Fruit

Apricot Halves in Light SyrupFruit Cocktail In Juice - Princes Peach Hearts
Pear Halves - PrincesPear Halves In Juice - PrincesPineapple Chunks - Princes
Pitted Prunes - PrincesPrunes in Syrup

Tinned Meat

Corned Beef - Princes

Tinned Pasta & Baked Beans

Baked Beans - HeinzBaked Beans Small - HeinzFive Beanz - Heinz
Giant Baked Beans - BionaSpaghetti - Heinz

Tinned Veg & Pulses

Artichoke HeartsBaby Beetroot - Darlington'sBaby Carrots
Beansprouts - BionaButter Beans - SumaCannellini Beans - Suma
Carrots Sliced - HSChick Peas - Sea IsleChip Shop Mushy Peas
Chopped Tomatoes - HSChopped Tomatoes - SumaGarden Peas - Heinz
Green Lentils - SumaMushrooms Sliced - HSPaté (Herbs) - GranoVita
Peas Marrowfat - HSPeeled Tomatoes - SumaRed Kidney Beans - Suma
Refried Beans - Old El PasoSix Bean Mix - SumaSliced Beetroot - Baxters
Sweetcorn (original) - Green GiantSweetcorn (salt free) - Green GiantWhole Button Mushrooms - HS