Teas and Coffee

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Miles Breakfast Blend ground 227g
Miles Bright & Breezy Ground 227g
Miles Coffee Cheerfully  Colombian Ground 227g
Miles Colombian Beans 227g
Miles costa rica beans 227g
Miles Costa Rica ground 227g
Miles Decaf Ground 227g
Miles Decaffeinated Tea Bags 40s
Miles Hot Chocolate
Miles Instant Coffee 100g
Miles Instant Coffee Decaffeinated 100g
Miles Kenya Beans 227g
Miles Kenya Ground 227g
Miles Original Loose Tea 250g
Miles Original Tea Bags 40s
Miles Original Tea Bags 80s
Miles Redbush Teabags 40s
Miles Rich & Reviving (After Dinner Blend)227g
Miles Smugglers Tea bags
Pukka Elderberry & Echinacea Teabags 20’s
Pukka Herbal Collection Teabags
Pukka Mint Refresh Herbal Teabags
Twinings Chamomile Teabags 
Twinings Earl Grey 50’s
Twinings English Breakfast Teabags 50’s
Twinings Green Tea
Twinings Lemon & Ginger Teabags
Cafe Direct Decaf Coffee 100g
Cafe Direct Medium Roast Coffee 100g