Sweets & Chocolate

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50p bag mixed sweetsBarley Sugar DropsBarratt Catherine Wheels
Barratt Milk BottlesBassetts Jelly BabiesBassetts Liquorice Allsorts
Bassetts Sherbert FountainBassetts Sherbet LemonsButterkist Toffee Popcorn
Cad Eclairs 130GCandyland Dibdab Chupa Chups 
Drumstick Squashies Original Drumstick Squashies Sour Cherry & Apple Extra Peppermint Chewing Gum
Felix AGAIL Favourites Fizzy Cola BottlesFried Eggs
Fruit Pastilles - HSFun Gums Strawberry Tart Haribo Charmallows  160g
Haribo RingsHaribo Supermix 180gHaribo Turtles 
Mentos Mints Millions Tube BubblegumMint Imperials - HS
Moam JoystixxPear Drops Large 3kg jarPencils
Polo Tube RingsRowntrees Randoms
Skittles TropicalSnakes Yellow BelliesSports Mix
Starburst Original Tube Tic Tac Fresh MintTic tac Strawberry fields
Toffee Block - WalkersTreacle Toffee Bag - WalkersTrebor Extra Strong Mints
Trebor Softmints TS Brains TS Draculas Teeth 5p
TS Fizzy Pencils Strawberry 10pTS Fizzy Strawberry Belts 5pTS Foam Bananas 
TS Fried EggsTS Fried Eggs Giant 10pTS Jelly Sharks
TS Pear Drops SmallTS Sour DummiesTurtles
Violet Creams - Beech'sWerthers Original RollWrigley Airwave


Cad Caramel 120GCad Curly Wurly Cad Dairy Milk Oreo
Cad Dairy Milk Cad Dairy Milk StdCad Flake
Cad Freddo Cad Freddo Treasure 14.4gCad Fruit & Nut 95G
Cadbury Buttons 30Gcadbury caramel EggCadbury Creme Egg
Cadbury oreo eggCaramac 30gChocolate Peanuts - HS
Galaxy Honeycomb 114gGoupie Minis Boozy ChristmasGreen & Blacks Dark Chocolate Mini
Kinder Chocolate small barKinder Happy hippoKit Kat 4 Finger 
Kit Kat Bunny SingleKit Kat Dark 4 FingerKitKat Chunky 
Lindt Excellence 70% Dark ChocolateMaltesers ReindeerMaltesers Standard Bag
Maltesers Treat Bag Mars Snacksize 4pkMilkybar
Milkybar Buttons Mini EggSmarties Hexatube
Snickers Thorntons Classic ChocolatesTS  White Chocolate Stars
Yorkie Bar

Gift Boxes

Amaretti Box - LazzaroniLindor Extra Dark Carton - LindtLindor Heart Box - Lindt
Lindor Milk and White TrufflesLindor Milk Chocloate Truffles Maltesers Truffles Gift Box
Amaretti Box - LazzaroniLindor Extra Dark Carton - LindtLindor Heart Box - Lindt
Lindor Milk and White Truffles