Sweet Snacks & Biscuits

Highlight the item you wish to order, copy it, click on the back arrow in your browser, scroll down to the on-line order form and then paste the item into the order.

Alternatively copy items into a seperate text file and then copy and paste all items in the text file into the online order form.

Bourbon Creams - HSCadbury Fingers Cafe Noir Bscuits - Van Delft
Caramel Almond Sea Salt Kind BarCaramel Wafers 4pk - TunnocksCarob Coated Stem Ginger - Our Shop
Choc Hobnobs - McVitiesChocolate Chip Cake RendlesChocolate Honeycomb - Our Shop
Chocolate Macaroons - Mrs CrimblesCurrant Shrewsbury Biscuits - FarmhouseCustard Creams - HS
Dark Choc Digestives - McVitiesDark Choc Gingers - BorderDigestives - McVities
Eccles CakesGinger Crunch - BorderGinger Nuts - HS
Golden Oat Crumbles - BorderHobnobs - McVitiesJaffa Cakes - McVities
Jam Coconut Rings (6) - Patteson'sLemon Drizzle Melts - BorderLight & Buttery Viennese - Border
Light and Chocolatey Viennese Whirls - BorderMaple Glazed Pecan & Sea Salt Kind BarMilk Choc Digestive - HS
Milk Choc Digestives - McVitiesMilk Chocolate Coated Peanuts - Our ShopMilk Chocolate Raisins - Our Shop
Oat Flips - FarmhouseOat flips (Chocolate) - FarmhouseOrange Thins - Annas
Penguin - McVitiesPopping Corn KernelsRich Tea - McVities
Sesame Snaps (Chocolate)Sesame Snaps PlainShortbread - Walkers
Strawberry Drizzle Melts - BorderSultana Melts - BorderSyrup Waffles (stoopwafels) - Daelman's