Highlight the item you wish to order, copy it, click on the back arrow in your browser, scroll down to the on-line order form and then paste the item into the order.

Alternatively copy items into a seperate text file and then copy and paste all items in the text file into the online order form.

Fresh Soup

Honey Roasted Root Veg Soup - Rod &Ben'sSmoked Haddock Chowder - Rod & Ben'sSpiced Lentil Soup - Rod & Ben's

Tinned and Packet Soup

Chicken Broth - BaxtersChicken Soup - HeinzCock A Leekie Soup - Baxters
Cream of Asparagus Soup - BaxtersCream of Chicken Soup - HeinzCream of Mushroom Soup - Heinz
Cream of Veg CupASoup - BatchelorsFrench Onion Soup - BaxtersLentil Soup - Heinz
Mushroom Soup - HeinzPea & Ham Soup- BaxtersPea Soup - Suma
Tomato and Basil Soup - SumaTomato CupASoupTomato Soup - Heinz
Tomato Soup- BaxtersVegan Pea & Ham Soup - SumaVegetable Soup - Heinz