Our Shop Today

Our SHOP is owned by the members of Hinton St George and Local Rural Community Services Ltd – HRCS for short.

HRCS is registered with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) as a ‘Registered Society’ for the benefit of the Local Community. Each member is a shareholder with a single voting share. Many generous members purchased many shares when we launched a ‘Community Share Offer’ and others have either loaned or donated money either directly, or through the Hinton St George Community Fund which is administered by the Somerset Community Foundation.

If donating through this fund, we are able to claim Gift Aid, so greatly increasing the amount donated.



We encourage everyone to become a member of HRCS and thereby become a voting member of Our SHOP.



The Property
The buildings and property that were purchased consisted of the shop within a three-bedroomed house with a large garden and separate garage. It was decided to expand the existing shop area to provide a modern retail outlet and a more suitable community hub with a secure store area and office space. As part of this work , the upstairs has been converted into a modern, lettable, two-bedroomed flat. Much later, the garage was restored and is now also let. The garden has been split with a large part let to a neighbour and the remaining, more manageable area, is let with the flat. The rentals provided by the lettings are an important revenue stream for the business and essentially cover the loan interest and repayments.