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Kind Bar Caramel Almond Sea Salt
Kind Maple Glazed Pecan & Sea Salt
Ahh Bisto Chicken Gravy Granules PM169
Alpro Almond Milk
Alpro Almond Professional 1ltr
Alpro Soya Milk Original 1ltr
Alpro Unsweetened Soya Milk 1ltr
Ambrosia Devon Custard RRP £1.09
Ambrosia Rice Pudding RRP £1.09
Amoy Soy Sauce
Artichoke Hearts
Baby Carrots PM59
Bat Chip Shop Mushy Peas
Bat Cup a Soup Cream of Veg
Batchelors Tomato CupaSoup
Baxters Cock A Leekie Soup
Baxters Pea & Ham PM109
Baxters Sliced Beetroot PM 1.19
Baxters Tomato Soup
Bisto Gravy Granules Chicken PM149
Bisto Gravy Granules PM 1.69
Blue Dragon Chow Mein Stir Fry Sauce
Blue Dragon Sweet & Sour Stir Fry Sauce
Birds Custard Powder 
Branston Pickle RRP £1.49
Branston Pickle Sml Chunk PM149
Cad Bournville Cocoa powder
Cad Fingers PM129 114G
Candarel 40g
Canderel Tablets
Carnation Condensed Milk PM199
Cocktail Sticks wooden
Coconut milk
Coffee Mate
Colmans Bread Sauce
Colmans Horseradish Sauce 136g
Colmans Mustard
Colmans Sauce Mix White PM75
Colmans Tartare Sauce 144g
Curtis Glace Cherries 100g
Dr Oekter Bicarbonate Of Soda
Dr oetker Baking Powder
dr oetker funbaking cases
Dr Oetker Milk Choc Chips 100g
Dr Oetker Milk Cooking Chocolate  
Dr Oetker Muffin Cases
Dr Oetker Vanilla Extract
F.Berio Ex Virgin Olive Oil 500ml
FB Classic Pesto PM199
Filippo Berio Sun Dried Tom Pesto PM199
Fishermans Friends 
Five Beanz
Glenryck Pilchards 155g
Granulated sugar
Green Giant Salt Free Sweetcorn PM80 
Green Giant Sweetcorn PM80
H S Prunes in Syrup PM .89p
Hartley Jelly Assorted 
Hartley Red Current Jelly
Head & Shoulders Classic Shampoo
Heatlogs Hardwood Briquettes
Heinz Baked Beans 415gmPM 99p
Heinz Baked Beans PM69
Heinz Chicken soup
Heinz Cream of Chicken Soup
Heinz Lentil Soup PM 109 3/3.00
Heinz Mushroom Soup
Heinz Salad Cream RRP £1.65
Heinz Spagetti PM89
Heinz Tomato Soup £1.09
Heinz Tomato Topdown Ketchup 460g
Heinz Vegetable Soup RRP 1.09
Hellmanns Light Mayo PM219
Hellmanns Real Mayo PM219
Hero food & freezer bags lge
Hero Swing Bin Liners
Highland Sparkling Water 1.5ltr
Highland Spring Still 1.5ltr
Hop House Lager 4x330ml
Horlicks 300g
HP Brown Sauce PM145
HS 2 Ply White Kitchen Towel PM135
HS 3Ply White TT PM179
HS Beeswax Polish
HS Bone Biscuits PM £1.49
HS Bourbon Creams PM100
HS Carrots  Sliced PM55
HS Chocolate Peanuts PM89
HS Chopped Tomatoes 400g PM55
HS Cling Film PM109
HS Custard Creams PM100
HS Fabric PlastersPM89 2f150
HS Firelighters PM £1
HS Fruit Pastilles 2 for 1.50
HS Garlic Baguette PM100
HS Ginger Nuts PM59 2/PM100
HS Instant Custard Powder
HS Kitchen Foil 30cm PM129
HS Kitchen Foil 45cm PM179
HS Malt Vinegar
HS med food & freezer bags pm £1.65
HS Milk Choc Digestive PM100
HS Mint Imperials PM .89 2 for £1.50
HS Mint SaucePM85
HS Mushrooms Sliced PM 100
HS Oil Sunflower PM189
HS Orange Squash NAS PM80
HS Pasta Conchiqlie PM79
HS Pasta Fusilli Twists PM79
HS Pasta Lasagne PM79
HS Pasta Spaghetti PM79
HS Peas Marrowfat PM45
HS Pedal Bin Liners PM£1.29
HS Rice Long Grain PM89
HS Roasted & Salted Peanuts PM59
HS Sandwich Bags £1.25
HS Set Honey PM215
HS Sliced Carrots PM59
HS Swing Bin Liners
HS table salt PM59p
HS Tasty Treats PM85 2/150
HS Toilet Cleaner Citrus PM £1.00
HS Tomato Puree PM 69p
HS Vegetable Oil PM100
HS Vegetable Oil PM189
HS Whole Button Mushrooms 285g PM1.00
HS Whole Lemon Squash PM .80p
HSSummer Breeze
Huggies Natural Care Baby Wipes Disney
Hz Cream of Mushroom Soup
Hz Garden Peas
Jacob’s cream crackers PM £1.39
Jakemans Throat And Chest 100g 
Johnson’s Baby Powder
Johnsons baby cotton buds
Jucee Apple Juice 200ml
Jus Rol Pastry Puff 
Jus Rol Pastry Shortcrust 500g
Kelloggs Cornflakes PM299
Kelloggs Crunchy Nut Cornflakes PM299
Kelloggs Fruit & Fibre PM299
Kelloggs Variety Pack PM249
Kenco Decaff coffee
Kerrygold butter
Kerrygold Butter PM189
Kinder Chocolate small bar
Kinder Happy hippo
Kingsmill Crumpets
Kit Kat 4 Finger 
Kit Kat Bunny Single
Kit Kat Dark 4 Finger
KitKat Chunky 
Kleenex Balsam Hankies
Knorr Chicken Stock Cubes 8’s
large Scrub Brush Yellow
Laughing Cow Light Triangles
Leaf Gelatine Dr Oetker
Lemsip Lemon 5’s
Lemsip Max Lemon 5’s
Lg Freezer Bags Tie Handles
Lil-Lets Smart Fit Tampons Regular 10s
Lindor Milk and White
Lindor Milk Carton
Listerine Mouthwash 250ml
Lockets Honey & Lemon
Lucozade Orange PM59
Maille Dijon Mustard
Maille wholegrain  A Ancienne Mustard
Maldon Sea Salt Flakes 250g
Maltesers Reindeer
Maltesers Standard Bag
Maltesers Treat Bag PM100
Maltesers Truffles Gift Box
Marigold Gloves Large 1 Pair
Marigold Gloves Medium 1 Pair
Marmite 125g
Mars Snacksize PM100 4pk
Matches HS 40
Mateus Rose
Maynards Sports Mix PM100
McCain Oven Chips PM250
McD Plain Flour PM150
Mcdougall’s Plain Flour 1.1kg PM159
McV Dark Choc Dig PM165
Mcv Digestives 400g
Mcv Rich Tea PM139
McVities Choc Hobnobs PM £1.65
McVities Digestives
Mcvities Hobnobs PM129 300g
Mcvities Jaffa Cakes PM100 122g
Mcvities Milk Chocolate Digestives PM165 266g
Mcvities Penguin PM100 6pk
Mentos Mints 
MHV Regimental Tawny Port
Milkybar Buttons 
Milkybar PM100 100g
Millions Tube Bubblegum 60g
mini cheddar red leicester
Mini Egg 79p 100gms Tuckshop
Moam Joystixx pm£1.00
Mornflake Classic Granola
Mrs Crimbles Choc Macaroons PM150
Nail Polish Remover
Nescafe azera 100g
Nescafe Decaf PM349 100g
Nescafe Gold Blend PM399 100g
Nescafe PM219 50g
Nescafe PM349 100g
Non alc Erdinger Beer
NutellaPM £1.75
Ocean Spray C/berry Classic
Olbas Oil 10ml
Oral B Toothpaste PM100
Orient Plain Udon Noodle
PanasonicRed Zinc Bat AAA
Parsons Cockles155g
Pataks Tikka Masala
Paxo Sage & Onion Stuffing PM139 170g
Paxo Sage and Onion Stuffing RRP£1.49
Peach Hearts
Pear Drops Large 3kg jar
Pedal Bin Liners 40
Perrier 750ml
Pickled Onions PM1.39
Pitted Prunes 400g
Plastic Straws ind.
Pledge Multi Surface Cleaner
Plenty Kitchen Roll
Polo Tube original
princes apricot halves in light syrup
Princes Corned Beef
Princes Fruit Cocktail In Juice PM109 
Princes Pear Halves In Juice PM109 410g
Princes Pear Halves RRP £1.09
Princes Pineapple Chunks
Princes pitted prunes
Princes Salmon Red
Princes Sardines In Tomato Sauce120g
Princes Sardines with Oil 
Princes Tuna Chunks In Brine 160g
Princes Tuna Chunks in S/Flower Oil
Princes Tuna Chunks in Spring Water
Pringles Original PM249 200g
Pringles Salt & Vinegar PM249 200g
Pringles Sour Crm & Onion PM249 200g
Pringles Texas BBQ
Prof Flash All Purpose Lemon
Prosecco Semi Sparkling White
Pudding Rice PM 89p
Quaker Oats Golden Syrup Pot
Ritz Crackers PM139
Roberston Golden Shread Marmalade 454g
Robertson Mincemeat 411g
Rowse Honey PM299 340g
Ryvita The Original Rye Breads PM £1.25
Sarsons Malt Vinegar 
Sarsons Vinegar Pickling
Saxa Coarse Sea Salt
Saxa Salt Table mini Pot
Saxa White Pepper
Sea Isle Chick Peas
Sharwood Grn Label Mango Chtny
Sharwoods Med Egg Noodles
Small Bone Biscuit
Sunpat Crunchy P/nut butter PM219
Sweetex Tablets
T&L Icing Sugar
T&L Large Icing Sugar
T&L White Cubes
Tabasco 57ml
Tate & Lyle 500g Caster Sugar
Tate & lyle granulated cane sugar 1kg
Tealights Pk 10
Tetley Decaf Teabags 40’s PM175
Tetley Teabags 40’s PM149
Tetley Teabags 80’s PM265
Tiptree Old Times Marmalade
Tiptree Raspberry Seedless Conserve 340g
Tiptree Strawberry Conserve
Tomato Ketchup PM2.19
Tunnocks Caramel Wafers 4pk
U/Bens Basmati Rice 250g
U/Bens Express L/Grain Rice
Weetabix PM160
Worcester Sauce PM1.59
Cider Vinegar 50cl
‘Tiptree’ Marmalade454G
Al Fez Tagine Sauce 350g
Al’fez Moroccan Couscous 200g
Alfez Harissa Paste
Annas Orange Thins
Aspall Classic White Wine Vinegar 350ml
Aspall red wine vinegar
Baxter Beef Consomme 400g
Baxters Apple Sauce
Baxters Chicken Broth
Baxters Cranberry Sauce
Baxters Cream of Asparagus Soup 400g
Baxters Mint Jelly Jar
BaxtersFrench Onion Soup
BEECH’S Violet Creams 90g
Belvoir Honey Lemon & Ginger cordial 50cl
Belvoir Spiced Ginger Punch
Billingtons Demerara Sugar
Billingtons Golden Granulated 1kg
Billlingtons Golden Caster 1kg
Black Olive Biscuuits – Farmhouse
Bombay Mix
Bonne Maman Peach Conserve
Bonne Maman S/Berry Conserve
Border Dark Choc Gingers 150g 
Border Golden Oat Crumbles
Border Lemon Drizzle Melts 150g
Border Light & Buttery Viennese
Border Light and Chocolatey Viennese Whirls
Border Sultana Melts
Borders Ginger Crunch
Bread Sauce Shropshire Spice
Bruschette Tom Olive & Oregano
Buckwud Maple Syrup
Buiteman Cheddar Cheese Biscuits
Burts Cherry Walnut Fruit Cake
Burts Dundee Cake
Carr’s Cheese Melts
Chilli & Garlic Biscuits – Farmhouse
Chilli Gift Set
Chocolate Chip Cake Rendles
Coolmore Carrot Cake 400g
Coolmore Chocolate Cake
Coolmore Coffee & Walnut cake
Coolmore Lemon Cake
Cranberry & PUmpkin Seed Biscuits – Farmhouse
Crespo pitted dry black olives with herbs 70g pouch
Crespo Pitted Green Olives
Crespo pitted green olives with herbs & garlic 70g pouch
Crespo pitted mixed cocktail olives 70g pouch
Daelmans Syrup Waffles
Dark Chocolate Menier
Darlington Mincemeat with Brandy
Darlington’s Baby Beetroot 340g
Dr Oetker Slect Vanilla Pods
Dried Apricots (Wilton)
Eccles Cakes
farmhouse chocolate oat flips
Farmhouse Currant Shrewsbury Biscuits 200g
Finn Crisp Thin Rye Chrispbread 200g
Ginger Cake Pattesons Orginal
Goupie Minis Boozy Christmas
GR Gluten Free Stuffing Mix 125g
Green & Blacks Dark 35g
Henderson’s Relish 142ml
Hilltop cut comb honey
Honey & Oat Gluten Free
John Lusty Chicken Stock 392g
Kallo Organic Beef Stock Cubes
Kallo Organic Chicken stock cubes
Kallo Organic Vegetable Stock
Krakus pickled dill cucumbers 670g
La Perruche Pure Cane Rought Cut Cubes 500g
Lazzaroni Amaretti Box
Lindor Extra Dark Carton
Lindt Excellence 70% Dark Chocolate
LINDT Lindor Heart Box 160g
Linghams Chilli Sauce 280ml
Lumpfish Black Caviar 100g
Marigold Swiss Veg Bouillon Org  – Red 
Melitta Coffee Filters 1×4  40
Merchant Gourment Chestnut Puree
Merchant Tomato Lentils Pouch 
Mrs Darlington’s Redcurrant Jelly with Port 212g
Mushroom ketchup
Nairn’s gluten free cheese oatcakes 180g
Nairns Gluten Free Super Seeded Oakcakes
Nevis Cherry Cake
Nevis Fruit Ginger cake
Nevis Maderia Cake
Nevis Sultana Cake
Oat Flips
Old el Paso Refried Beans 435g
Opie’s Capers in Spirit Vinegar 120g
Opies Cocktail Gherkins
Opies Ginger Syrup 236ml
Opies Pickled Walnuts
Opies Stem Ginger 280g
Otter Vale Devon Fire Chutney
Patak Korma Curry Paste 290g
Patak’s Korma Sauce 450g
Pataks Biryani Paste
Patteson’s 6 Jam Coconut Rings
Patum Peperium Gentlemans Relish 71g 
Pay Pay Sardinas
Peter’s Yard Sourdough Crispbread original 200g
Peters Yard Artisan Crispbread – sourdough original 105g
Peters Yard Selection Box
Pidy mini cocktail shells
Pidy Sweet Pastry Cases 9 Pk
Pitted Dates 500g
Pop Pan Spring Onion and Chive Crackers
Raw Cashews 125g
Riverbank Fruit Cake
Sacla Sun-Dried Tomatoes 285g
Sesame Snaps Plain
Shrop Spice Parsley & Thyme White Stuffing Mix
St Dalfour Blackcurrant Jam no sugar
St Dalfour Orange & Ginger
Stockans Oatcakes 
Strawberry Drizzle Melts
Stuffing Sage & Red Pepper & Shallot 
“Suet, Shredded Beef AMKO”
T J F Cheese Biscuits Selection Box
Tiptree Apricot Conserve 
Tiptree Blackcurrant Conserve 340g
Tiptree Blackcurrant Jelly
Tiptree English blossom honey (set) 340g
Tiptree Ginger Conserve 340g
tiptree hot gooseberry chutney 230gm
Tiptree Lemon Curd
Tiptree Lemon Marmalade 340g
Tiptree No Peel Orange Marmalade 454g
Tiptree Orange Marmalade 42g
Tiptree Rhubarb Jam
Tiptree Tawny Orange Marmalage Thick Cut
Tiptree Three Fruits Marmalade 340 g
Tiptree Tomato Ketchup
Twinings Lapsang Souchong Tea Bags 50s
Van Delft Cafe Noir Bscuits
vicenci amaretti cookies cello pack 200gm
W. Country Legends Ched Cheese Straws
W. Country Legends Sea Salt &  Rosemary Straws
Walkers Shortbread biscuits 150g
Walkers Toffee Block 100g
Walkers Treacle Toffee Bag 150g
Wessex Mill strong white bread
west country meringue shells cello
Wilton Popping Corn
Wilton Seedless Thompson Raisins 
Wilton Sultanas 375g
Winter Cordial Belvoir
Fussels Rapeseed Oil 500ml
Pappardelle Pasta
Truffle Oil 
Black Olives Crespo Tin
One Planet Three Sheese Pizza
Proper Cornish Pasty
Quorn Low Fat Sausages
rod and bens smoked haddock chowder
rod and bens spiced lentil soup
San Marco Margarita Pizza PM100
Sliced Green Beans 450g
151 Maintenance Spray
Dragon Balm
Flying Gliders
Jump Shoe Polish black lge
wooden tree decorations
Smoked Salmon 114g
Smoked salmon 224g
Tagliatelle 200g
Tomato Basil Sauce 285g
Traditional Meat Ragu 285g
Waterhouse Fayre Roasted Garlic Chutney
Balsamic Vinegar Fattoria Estense 50cl
Balsamic Vinegar With Apple 250ml
Balsamic Vinegar With Maple Syrup 250ml
Barbera Unfiltered Extra Virgin olive Oil 1Ltr
Kalamata PDO Olive Oil 1litre
Le Blanc Tarragon Vinegar Le Blanc
Olive Oil 5l Kalamata
White Balsamic Vinegar 250ml (festive)
Manor Farm Eggs
Mere Fish Farm Smoked Trout Terrine 4oz
Mere Fish Smoked Trout Terrine 8oz
Baxters Favs Pea Ham PM119
Black & White Salted Butter
Book Marks
Bulk Purchase
Cheese & Bacon Puffs
“Cotton, black”
Crossword Book
Gift Wrap 3mx99cm
Jubilee Wood Tea Towel
 LavenderFlower Soap
 Porridge Oats 500g
Anchovies in Olive Oil
Bamboo Women’s Socks 1 pair
Bauck Vegan Brownie Mix
Bio D Washing Up Liquid
Biona Giant Baked Beans
Biona Org Beansprouts 330g
Biona Raw Coconut Oil 800g
Black Peppercorns
Bonsan Vegan Choc Spread 350g
Chocolate Honeycomb 125g
Clive’s GF Veg Chilli Pie
Coarse Sea Salt 500g
Comvita UMF 10+ Manuka Honey 250g
Cornflour 500g
Doves Gluten Free Self Raising White Flour 1kg
Fentimans Mand/ Sev Orange Jigger 275ml
Fin Aloe Vera Conditioner
Garlic Salt
GC Whole Nutmeg
GranoVita Pate Herbs 125g
Green Cuisine Bay Leaves
Green Cuisine bouquet Garni
Green Cuisine Chillies
green cuisine cinnamon sticks
Green Cuisine Garam Masala
Green Cuisine Ground Black Pepper
Green Cuisine Ground Cardamom
Green Cuisine Ground Coriander
Green Cuisine Ground Cumin
Green Cuisine GROUND GINGER 
Green Cuisine Hungarian Paprika
Green Cuisine Madras Curry Powder
Green Cuisine Mixed Herbs
Green Cuisine Mixed Spice 
Green Cuisine Oregano 20g
Green Cuisine Poppy Seed
Green Cuisine Rosemary
Green cuisine Sage
Green Cuisine Thyme
Green Cuisine Turmeric
Green Cuisine Whole Allspice
Green Cusine Ground Cinnamon
Ground Almonds 125g
La Bio Idea Passata Di Pomodoro 690g La Bio
Laundry Bleach
Luxury Nutroast 350g
Marigold Bouillon  Green Pot 150g
Marriage Plain White Flour
Meridian Cashew Butter
Meridian Org Smooth Almond Butter170g
Meridian Tamari Sauce
Milk Chocolate Coated Peanuts 125g
Milk Chocolate Raisins 125g
Nelsons Arnica Pillules
Non Bio Laundry Liquid 1.5l
NP Gorilla Munch Corn Puffs 300g
Nut Roast Mix – Artisan grains
Organic Short Grain Brown Rice 500gm
OS Green Split Peas 500g
OS Honey Toasted Oat/Rice Clusters 500g
OS Pearl Barley 500g
OS Sunflower Seeds 250g
OS Super Deluxe Muesl With Nuts 500g
OS Super Deluxe Muesli With Nuts 1kg
Our SHOP Arborio Rice
Our Shop Brown Basmati Rice
Our Shop Bulgar Wheat 
Our Shop Carob Coated Stem Ginger
Our Shop Chopped Mixed Peel 100g
Our Shop Cous Cous
Our SHOP Crystallised Ginger 125g
Our Shop Dark Muscovado Sugar 500g
Our Shop Dessicated Coconut 250g
Our Shop Flaked Almonds 125g
Our SHOP L P Cashews 125g
Our Shop Light Muscovado Sugar 500g
Our Shop medium currants 375g
Our Shop Medium Whole Apricots 250g
Our Shop Mixed Fruit (w/o Peel) 375g
Our Shop Nat Bright Red Cherries 100g
Our shop Oatbran 500g
Our Shop Pinenuts 125g
Our Shop Pitted Prunes (No Soak)
Our Shop Pumpkin Seeds 125g
Our Shop Quinoa Grain 500g
Our Shop Red Lentils
Our SHOP roasted and salted cashews 
Our Shop Seedless Raisins 375g
Our Shop Sesame Seeds 125g
Our Shop Sultanas
Our Shop Sunflower Seeds 125g
Our Shop Turkish Figs 250g
Our Shop White Basmati Rice
Our SHOP Whole Brazils
Our Shop Whole Cashews 125g
Our Shop Whole Hazelnuts 125g
Our Shop Wild Rice 250g
Pamplemousse Soap
Pitted Dates 500g
Porridge Oats 1kg  Our Shop
Rose de Grasse Soap
sesame snaps in chocolate
Suma Butter Beans
Suma Cannellini Beans
Suma Chocolate Pots
suma Organic Chopped Tomatoes
Suma Organic Green Lentils
Suma Organic Pea Soup
Suma Organic Peeled Tomatoes
Suma Red Kidney Beans
Suma Six Bean Mix 
Suma Tomato and Basil Soup
Suma Vegan Pea & Ham
Sunita Light Tahini 280g
Swedish Glace Chocolate
Tick Tock Rooibos Tea 80
Whole Almonds 125g
Whole E Crunchy PButter 227g
Whole E Smooth Pnut Butter 227g
Wholemeal Cous Cous
Green Cuisine Cayenne pepper
Plain Flour 1.5kg
Seville Marmalade
Honey 340g
Nestle Shredded Wheat