Dairy & Milk Alternatives

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Hard Cheese

All-Mite (Cheddar & Marmite)Barbers 1833 vintage Cheese 190g wedgeCave Aged Cheddar 200g
Double Gloucestergodminster 200g red waxed truckleGreens Twanger 200g wedges
Parmesan Portion 200gHawkridge Tasty CheddarHaystack Cheddar
Longman StrongmanLongman Vintage XXX PortionLongman Youngman Mild Cheddar
Montgomery CheddarParmesan ReggianoPecorino
rutland redTaw Valley Tasty CheddarWookey Hole Cave Aged Rinded Cheddar

Smoked Cheese

Austrian Smoked CheeseVegan Smoked Applewood Block 200g

Blue Cheese

1780 Blue1780 Blue Portion 225gVale of Camelot Blue

Soft Cheese

Cricket St Thomas CamembertPhiladelphia Original PM199Mozzarella
Somerset Brie 1kg roundSomerset Camembert 220gLaughing Cow Light Triangles

Sheep and Goat's Cheese

Chevre Goats LogHard Goats CheeseMichaels Mount soft goats
Vulscombe Goats CheeseYamasi Greek Feta 200gYamasi Halloumi 250g

Cottage Cheese

Cottage Cheese Longley 250g


Cotteswold /Freshways Semi skimmed 2ltrCotteswold /Freshways Whole 2ltrCotteswold /FreshwaysS Semi skimmed 1pt
Cotteswold /Freshways Skimmed 1ptCotteswold/Freshways  Whole 1ptCotteswold/Freshways Semi skimmed 1 ltr
Cotteswold/Freshways Whole 1ltr


Elmlea Double CreamLongley Double Cream 250mlLongley Farm Creme Fraiche 200g

Butter and Margarine

Longman salted roll butterSalted Butter Wyke FmsBlack & White Salted Butter
Kerrygold Butter BertolliMuller Butter
CloverFlora Original RRP £2.00


Yoghurt Langage Glass Jar MixedYeo Valley Kefir Mango & Passionfruit 350gYeo Valley Kefir Strawberry 350g
Yeo Valley Natural Yoghurt 500gYeo Valley organic greek natural yoghurt

Milk Alternatives

Almond Milk - AlproAlmond Professional 1ltr - AlproCoconut milk
Soya Milk Original 1ltr - AlproUnsweetened Soya Milk 1ltr - Alpro