Cook Ready Meals

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Chicken Alexander (1)
Chicken Alexander (2)
Chicken Dijon (1)
Chicken Dijon (2)
Chicken Ham & Leek Pie (1)
Chicken Korma (1)
Chicken Tikka Masala (1)
Chilli Con Carne (1)
Classic Fish Pie (1)
classic fish pie (2)
Cod Mornay (1)
Cook Apple & Blackberry crumble (2) 
Cook Beef Bourguignon (1)
Cook Beef Bourguignon (2)
Cook Beef Stroganoff (1)
Cook Chicken Tikka Masala (1)
Cook Coq au Vin (1)
Cook Green thai Chicken Curry (1)
Cook Hearty Chicken Casserole (1)
Cook Lamb Casserole with New Potatoes (1)
Cook Lamb Tagine 2 portion
Cook Lasagne al Forno (single)
Cook Liver Bacon & Onions (1)
Cook Macaroni Cheese (1)
Cook Moroccan Spiced Harissa Chicken
Cook Moroccan Spiced Lamb Tagine (1 portion)
Cook Pork Dijon
Cook Pork Dijon (2)
Cook Roasted Veg & Chickpea Curry (1)
Cook Roasted Veg Lasagne (1)
Cook Roasted Veg Lasagne (2)
Cook Salmon & Asparagus Gratin (1)
Cook Steak & Red Wine Pie (1)
Cook Steak and Red Wine Pie (2)
Cook Yellow Vegetable Curry (1)
Cook’s Spaghetti Bolognese (1)
Cottage Pie (1)
Goodfellas Deep Pan Pizza PM2.50
Goodfellas Pepperoni Thin
Green Thai Chicken Curry (2)
Cook Halloumi & Arrabbiata Pasta Bake
Lodge Farm Dauphinoise Potatoes
Cook Portobello Mushroon Risotto (1)
(Cook) Salmon & Asparagus Gratin (2)
Cook Shepherds Pie (1)
Cook Smoked Haddock Bacon Gratin (1)
Cook Steak & Stout Stew (1)
Cook Vegetable & Chickpea Tagine (1)
Cook Venison Casserole (1)
Cook Vension Casserole (2)