Highlight the item you wish to order, copy it, click on the back arrow in your browser, scroll down to the on-line order form and then paste the item into the order.

Alternatively copy items into a seperate text file and then copy and paste all items in the text file into the online order form.

Cornflakes - KelloggsCrunchy Nut Cornflakes - KelloggsFruit & Fibre - Kelloggs
Golden Syrup Pot - Quaker OatsGorilla Munch Corn Puffs Granola - Mornflake
Honey & Oat Gluten FreeHoney Toasted Oat/Rice Clusters - Our ShopOatbran 500g - Our Shop
Porridge Oats 500g - Our ShopRice KrispiesShredded Wheat - Nestle
Super Deluxe Muesli With Nuts 1kg - Our ShopSuper Deluxe Muesli With Nuts 500g - Our ShopVariety Pack - Kelloggs