Highlight the item you wish to order, copy it, click on the back arrow in your browser, scroll down to the on-line order form and then paste the item into the order.

Alternatively copy items into a seperate text file and then copy and paste all items in the text file into the online order form.

White Bread

BloomerBloomer SlicedCobber Large
Cobber Roll Pk 2Cobber smallCobber Tin Large
Cottage LargeCottage SmallLarge Cottage Sandwich
Sandwich SlicedSmall White TinSourdough Plain/Cobber
Split SlicedSquare SlicedWhite Square
White Tin Small SlicedLarge Sandwich LoafLarge Sourdough
Eghoyans White Pitta Bread

Brown Bread

Wholemeal LargeWholemeal Large PlainWholemeal Large Sliced
Wholemeal Large plain slicedWholemeal Small PlainWholemeal Small Plain Sliced
Brace’s Med Wholemeal BreadBraces Med Long LoafEghoyans W/Meal Pitta Bread


Cornbread RollsLarge CornbreadLarge Sunflower
Small CornbreadSmall ProkornSmall Spelt & Honey
Small SunflowerSmall Cornbread sliced


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