Baking, Desserts, Dried Fruit & Nuts

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Baking cases - Dr OetkerBaking Powder - Dr OetkerBicarbonate Of Soda - Dr Oetker
Bournville Cocoa powderChestnut Puree - Merchant GourmetCondensed Milk - Carnation
Cornflour - Our shopCrystallised Ginger - Our ShopDark Chocolate Menier
Dessicated Coconut - Our ShopGinger Syrup - OpiesGluten Free Self Raising White Flour - Doves
Ground Almonds 125gLeaf Gelatine - Dr OetkerMilk Choc Chips 100g - Dr Oetker
Milk Cooking Chocolate  - Dr OetkerMincemeat - RobertsonMincemeat with Brandy - Darlington
Muffin Cases - Dr OetkerPidy Sweet Pastry Cases 9 PkPlain Flour
Plain Flour 1.1kg Plain Flour 1.5kgPlain White Flour - Marriage
Pudding RiceSlect Vanilla Pods - Dr OetkerStem Ginger - Opies
Strong White Bread Flour - Wessex MillSuet (Shredded Beef) - AMKOVanilla Bean Paste
Vanilla Extract - Dr OetkerVegan Brownie Mix - Bauck


Custard Powder - Bird'sJelly Assorted Flavours - HartleyDevon Custard - Ambrosia
Instant Custard PowderMeringue Shells - West CountryRice Pudding - Ambrosia

Dried Fruit

Bright Red Cherries - Our ShopDried Apricots - WiltonGlace Cherries - Curtis
Medium Currants - Our ShopMedium Whole Apricots - Our ShopMixed Fruit (w/o Peel) - Our Shop
Mixed Peel - Our ShopPitted Dates Pitted Dates - Our Shop
Pitted Prunes Pitted Prunes (No Soak) - Our ShopSeedless Raisins - Our Shop
Seedless Thompson Raisins - WiltonSultanas - Our ShopSultanas - Wilton
Turkish Figs - Our Shop

Nuts and Seeds

Almonds (Whole) - Our ShopBrazils (Whole) - Our ShopCashews (L P) - Our Shop
Cashews (Raw)Cashews (Roasted & Salted) - Our ShopCashews (Whole) - Our Shop
Flaked Almonds - Our ShopHazelnuts (Whole) - Our ShopPeanuts (Roasted & Salted ) - HS
Pinenuts - Our ShopPumpkin Seeds - Our ShopSesame Seeds - Our Shop
Sunflower Seeds - Our Shop